Named the preferred DJ laptop stand by DJ Tech Tools, Digital DJ Tips, DJ City, and countless others, Crane Stands out perform their competition. With its supreme portability, the patented design utilizing three points of contact, and rotating barrel hinge which allows for a nearly infinite number of positions, the Crane Stand can easily accommodate any Producer or DJ’s needs. The Crane Pro Audio Laptop Stand’s design boasts the ability to allow Producers and DJ’s to place controllers, CDJ’s, keyboards, or any size/weight comparable product securely in position.

The Crane Stand is the highest quality adjustable laptop stand on the market. Adjustable and portable, the patented ergonomic 3-leg design allows for an infinite number of positions making the Crane Stand the most versatile and stable laptop stand on the market.


The Crane stand was designed with the highest quality standards in mind. The people behind the Crane Stand are DJs and musicians ourselves, and a few years back after surveying the marketplace we weren’t happy with the adjustable laptop stands available so we decided to build our own.